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For comparison, a standard movie is shot at 24 fps, while high-definition versions have been shot at 48 fps. I

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For comparison, a standard movie is shot at 24 fps, while high-definition versions have been shot at 48 fps. In fact, some species snapped their chelicerae with such speed that to actually record the process the team of Smithsonian spider researchers had to use a camera recording at 40,000 frames per second (fps). According to a new study published in the journal Current Biology, a team of Smithsonian spider researchers have discovered arachnids in the Mecysmaucheniidae family using jaw-like structures called chelicerae to hunt. The trap-jaw spider Chilarchaea quellon has long, powerful chelicerae jaw structures tipped with fangs that allow it to capture prey with remarkable speed and force. While these are the first spiders found to exhibit this kind of behavior, a distantly related species of ant known as the trap-jaw ant also employs a similar hunting technique. The truth is that the paparazzi field is definitely male heavy, cmovies watch free but there are at least a handful of ladies who have also turned snapping shots of Hollywood stars into a professional obsession. Since they have been together for a significantly long amount of time there is not much that can really go wrong for them. There are books that teach this. If one day the bots are the size of a fingernail like the researchers envision, then they could be a handy, unobtrusive part of our everyday lives. When all the names have been guessed, move onto the second round, where players can only say one word. If you enjoy tuning in to the bottomless pit of human despair that is the TMZ afternoon television show, have seen the movie "Nightcrawler," or just happen to live in one of the select few places where the rich and famous do their thing, you might be forgiven for assuming that the business of chasing and photographing celebrities without their consent is a dudes-only affair. The spiders, which live only in New Zealand and the southern part of South America, stalk their prey with open chelicerae, then snap them shut in a motion so powerful and fast it's impossible to observe with the human eye. Tiny spiders have been observed employing a fascinating ability to slam their jaws shut at what scientists described as "lightning speed," and with amounts of force that seem impossible. In fact, according to what we know about the strength of the spiders' muscles, this feat should be physically impossible. There's more to studying these spiders than just learning another cool fact, says Wood, especially since the mechanics of how the spiders store enough energy to close their jaws so fast aren't yet clear. ᠎Th᠎is c​ontent was writt en by G᠎SA C​on tent Ge​nerator  DE​MO​.
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