The One Sauce You Should Put On Literally Everything, According To Health Experts

Sauce can be a sneaky source of calories in a meal, depending on which you choose. Some sauces, even those used in moderation, can be high in sodium or sugar. But people who love saucy dishes can’t go without–and so we bring you the healthiest, most delicious sauces that chefs and nutritionists alike recommend you choose. What are they? 

“A delicious sauce/dressing that tastes good on protein, vegetables, and even bread is green tahini sauce/dressing,” Peter Smith, chef at Chefgood, tells us.

What other healthy sauces do experts recommend?

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Never heard of it? Green tahini is a healthy combination of fresh herbs, tahini paste, lime juice and other delicious ingredients make this sauce/dressing healthy, versatile, and when made in larger batches an easy go to for creating a quick fresh easy salad.

Peter’s recipe involves mixing 1 cup tahini paste; ½-3/4 cup cold water (depending on thickness you like); 1 clove garlic, crushed; ½ cup chopped cilantro; ½ cup chopped flat leaf parsley; ½ cup baby spinach leaves; 1 tsp ground cumin; ½ – 1 lime juiced; 2 tsp pink Himalayan salt and (add ½ tsp fresh chilli flakes if you like a little spice). Yum, sounds amazing.

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Here’s one that might surprise you! Registered dietitian Colleen Christensen reveals that her go-to sauce for everything is peanut butter!

“Sounds crazy but it works with legit everything!” She tells us. “Savory or sweet, it’s my go-to. You can make peanut noodles, throw some on top of fried rice, over oatmeal or a yogurt bowl. Heck, you can even add it to meat!” Genius idea!

And from a health perspective, it helps to keep you full, satisfied and to absorb nutrients and make hormones!

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