This Amazing Coffee Hack Practically Guarantees Weight Loss

Coffee is so much more than a hot drink in the morning, it actually offers a wide array of amazing health benefits. One of those health perks is that coffee can help you lose weight– when it is made correctly that is. 

We’ve turned to the experts to help explain all of the incredible nutritional benefits of coffee. There are certain slimming down tips and tricks you can follow when it comes to drinking coffee. In fact, there’s one coffee hack that will help to finally boost along the weight loss results you’ve been waiting for.

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cup of black coffee


When it comes to coffee, simplicity is key. Black coffee is often the healthiest coffee option you can choose for your gut. Many caffeinated beverages like fancy lattes and frozen espresso drinks have loads of sugar and calories due to their added flavors and creams.

iced black coffee


According to a Livestrong article reviewed by registered dietitian Claudia Thompson, black coffee is calorie-free and provides potential benefits due to the caffeine it contains. The caffeine found in coffee can help you burn calories, which is obviously great for any weight loss plan. 

pouring cream into coffee


Black coffee is a great healthy choice over many other sugary and calorie-loaded drinks and will help to cut calories from your daily diet over time. Healthline further explains how coffee increases your metabolic rate.

According to Healthline, the biologically active substances caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and chlorogenic acid are all behind increasing your metabolic rate. An increase in your rate makes you more alert, which will also make you aware of what you’re eating and how you’re exercising to benefit your overall weight loss goals. 

coffee with cream


What’s your typical coffee order? Let us know your favorite cup of joe in the comments below!


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