The 5 Healthiest Appetizers You Should Start Ordering RIGHT NOW, According To Health Experts

As restaurants continue to stay open amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, many of us are venturing out for our first meals outside the kitchen in months.

Experts warn that restaurant food can be heavy and cause weight gain–so as with everything, proceed with caution and practice moderation. Here are the five delicious apps nutritionists, chefs and MDs agree that you can *always* order at a restaurant:

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Chef Crystal Reinwald

Here is my go-to list:
Caprese salad
Chicken satay
Shishito peppers
Shrimp cocktail or ceviche

Minimal ingredients, lower in sugar and carbohydrates, lots of vegetables, protein and healthy fats. Stay away from things with already covered in sauces or that are fried.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Bang Bang Shrimp
Lobster Dip
Lettuce and Shrimp Wraps
Smoked Wings
Hummus Tray

“When you’re stuck trying to decide what appetizer to purchase based on your taste, but also concerned about health and nutrition it is best to start with the animal protein. If your appetizer has an animal protein its best to opt for the leanest meat available, which is typically seafood or chicken. From there consider the method of cooking. Many appetizers are fried, but it is not unheard of to find baked, grilled, and steamed options. Choosing any of these options over fried foods will decrease your saturated fat intake significantly.”

Jessica Randhawa, head chef, recipe creator, photographer of The Forked Spoon

Shrimp Cocktail
Spring Rolls
Caprese Salad

Lisa Young, PhD, RDN, nutritionist, author of Finally Full, Finally Slim, and adjunct professor of nutrition at NYU:

Tossed salad with olive oil based dressing Vegetable/minestrone soup Grilled vegetables Tuna tartare Grilled artichoke

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