Only Jennifer Lopez Can Pull Off Workout Leggings Like THIS—Did We Mention They’re Completely Sheer Too?!

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of workout leggings.

Obviously, the “Thanks a Million” star puts in a lot of hours at the gym, which means an endless supply of matching bra-and-leggings sets.

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If we had a nickel for every time she slayed a pair of printed leggings, we’d be rolling in ones like her “Hustlers” character Ramona.

And her latest leggings sighting is no different. The 51-year-old spent late July in her Hamptons home in Watermill, NY, and the paparazzi caught her riding an outdoor elliptical bike wearing a pair of cosmic print leggings that totally show off her incredible physique!

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We did some internet stalking, and it turns out that J.Lo is wearing the Leo High Waisted Legging ($92) from her favorite Niyama Sol active line.

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The leggings aren’t out until August 8th, but they’re available for pre-order now. Calling everyone with this powerful astrological sign! According to the product description, “The Lion’s Gate Portal opens on August 8th. This marks an auspicious date where the veil between the spiritual and physical world is very thin allowing an abundance of energy to flow through with ease, raising the vibration of consciousness on earth.” As you know, Jennifer’s birthday was July 24th.

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Shop the superstar’s favorite workout wear brand, including her exact leggings pair, now:

Niyama Sol Leo High Waisted Legging ($92)

Niyama Sol Camo High Waisted Legging ($88)

Niyama Sol Butterly Kisses High Waisted Legging ($92)

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