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You’ll Never Guess What Target Was Just Caught Doing–Workers Are SO Mad!

Target is facing backlash–and worker protests–over their grocery delivery service Shipt.

It turns out that workers are NOT happy about the company’s move toward an algorithm-based pay structure. Workers, who planned a walk-off on July 15th, allege that the algorithm change will reduce their pay by at least 30%. Wow!

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The Target-owned company launched the new pay model ( “V2) in some markets in 2019. Workers immediately reported a pay cut between 40 and 50% as a result of the change. And now Shipt is rolling it out in new markets. Yikes!

What exactly is the pay policy? Shipt told The Verge that it can, “better account for the actual effort it takes to complete and deliver orders by factoring in est...

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We Can’t Believe This Heartbreaking News About Reese Witherspoon–We’re So Sad For Her!

News of Reese Witherspoon‘s 2020 Emmy snub is sending shockwaves through Hollywood!

In case you missed it, the nominations for the 72nd Emmy Awards were announced on Tuesday, July 28th, and the actor/producer was shockingly left out in all categories. We are so surprised!

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All three of the projects Reese has been tied to this year–“The Morning Show,” “Big Little Lies,” and “Little Fires Everywhere”–received countless nominations, except for Reese.

For example, “The Morning Show” received 8 nominations, including lead actress in a drama series for Jennifer Aniston, but Reese’s name was noticeably absent from the supporting category.


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Here’s How To Get Maybelline’s Bestselling Tattoo Studio Liquid Ink Eyeliner For Just $4

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With face masks part of everyday life now, playing up your eyes when doing your makeup will be more important than ever. That’s why you shouldn’t miss this incredible Maybelline eyeliner deal. For a limited time only, our friends at DailySteals are selling 3-packs of Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio Liquid Ink Eyeliner in #001 Black for just $13.49 with code SFLINER at checkout.

Just do a quick Google search and you’ll soon find out that this eyeliner is cult. Not only is it easy to apply (yes, even if you’re a beginner or have a shaky hand!), but it’s fade-, sweat- and smudge-resistant. You’ll notice the package says it lasts up to 36 hours? Yes, that’s not a joke; it really stays puts for days!

Whether your go-to is...

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Fenty Skin Is Here! Be The First To Shop The Cleanser, Toner And Moisturizer That Rihanna Uses

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It’s the day beauty-lovers around the world have been waiting for; Fenty Skin is here! In case you’ve been living under a rock, Fenty Skin is the newest addition to Rihanna’s beauty empire. The launch collection includes a cleanser, a toner serum and a moisturizer with SPF (aka everything you need for a simple, effective skincare regimen). Get to know the Fenty Skin superstar products below:

TOTAL CLEANS’R REMOVE-IT-ALL CLEANSER ($25): A gentle, yet effective cleanser and makeup remover that doesn’t strip or dry skin. It’s formulated to work on all skin types.

FAT WATER PORE-REFINING TONER SERUM ($28): Shrinks pores and erases dark spots while promoting a more even skin tone and complexion. 


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Tribit XFree Go Bluetooth headphones review

REVIEW – Bluetooth headphones are a convenience. Not having to worry about wires getting in the way while you’re mowing the lawn, washing dishes, or whatever you like to do while listening to music, podcasts, or TV, is such a benefit. On the other hand, frequent dropouts, batteries dying, audio compression, and processing delays, all make using Bluetooth headphones a problem that makes you wonder if you’d be better off just dealing with a cable. Tribit’s XFree Go headphones give you an answer to all of those problems, and you can choose your method of listening depending on what’s important to you at the time. 

What is it?

XFree Go is a pair of over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones designed to make your music sound good, whether you’re using them wired or wireless...

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Dev Windsor Is The Epitome Of Sexy Summer Vibes In A Cut-Out Bathing Suit From Her Own Line

Model Dev Windsor just took to Instagram to plug her new sunglasses–and inadvertently made us want to buy her bathing suit, too!

The 26-year-old might not have intended to promote the Cora Full-Piece ($170) from her own Devon Windsor Swim line when she pushed their new cat-eye sunglasses, but that’s exactly what she did. And we’re not mad about it.

“The Brooklyn Sunglasses in Black are finally here!” she captioned the July 28th post hawking the shades. While we definitely clicked on the bio to shop her shades–we couldn’t help but mosey on over to the one-piece section of her site to stalk the flattering monokini.

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The Brooklyn Sunglasses in Black are finally here! Shop now at link in bio! 😎

A post shared by devon windsor (@dev...

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Papalook PA452 USB 1080p HD Live Web Camera review

REVIEW – We’re all spending a lot more time in video conferences lately. Are you happy with how you appear in your conferences? Do you know the resolution of the camera in your laptop? Different manufacturers call out the specs in different ways so you might not have a real answer. If you need to up your game, Papalook’s PA452 USB 1080p HD  Live Web Camera might be worth checking out. Here’s how it’s worked for me.

What is it?

The PA452 USB 1080p HD Live Web Camera from Papalook is exactly what it sounds like. A USB webcam that will provide 1080p video for all your conferencing needs.

What’s in the box?

  • PA452 Webcam
  • Instruction manual

Hardware specs

: 5-layer film coated glass lens | F/No.: 2.0
View Angle: Horizontal:60°
Sensor: MA721. 1/4 CMOS 1080P

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The One Night Cream Skin Experts Say You Should STOP Using Because It Ruins Your Skin

Using a night cream is one of the best habits when it comes to anti-aging skincare. This essential step to your routine can help your skin repair itself overnight to fight against damage that causes the signs of aging, because most night creams are formulated with nourishing ingredients that hydrate and heal the skin. But there is one type of night cream most dermatologists agree you should stop using, because it has the potential to ruin your skin.

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best sephora anti aging night cream

With all skincare products, it is important to read the ingredients to make sure you’re getting the right benefits for your specific skin type. And when it comes to moisturizers and face creams, dermatologists say you should try to avoid those made with mineral oil.

Mineral oil m...

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X – حس SC01 10 سال باتری دود و مونوکسید کربن سنج با صفحه نمایش و زنگ بررسی

بررسی بیش از چند سال گذشته وجود دارد به نظر می رسد افزایش مونوکسید کربن مربوط به بیماری و مرگ و میر. نیز وجود داشته اند بسیاری از آتش سوزی که در آن نتیجه مرگبار بود چون هیچ آشکارساز دود نصب شده است. این X – حس SC01 10 سال باتری دود و مونوکسید کربن سنج با صفحه نمایش و زنگ باید به مراقبت از هر دو مسائل.

آنچه در آن است ؟

X – حس SC01 10 سال باطری دود و مونوکسید کربن سنج با صفحه نمایش ویژگی های یک دو سنسور و یک زنگ.

چه در جعبه

1 x زنگ واحد
1 x نصب و استقرار براکت
3 x ...

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این راز در مورد Meghan Markle فقط–& طرفداران خوشحال نیست!

به نظر می رسد مانند coronavirus همه گیر شدن است بهترین دوشس Sussex. پس از تنها بیرون رفتن یک انگشت شماری از بار برای خیریه کار به نظر می رسد که Meghan Markle تا به حال فقط در مورد به اندازه کافی اجتماعی فاصله. شایعه است که Markle و شوهرش پرنس هری, هستند احساس cooped و به دنبال به ترک شهر برای آینده او تولد.

ساده ترین راه برای ذخیره پول در هنگام خرید آنلاین

Meghan Markle

چلپ چلوپ اخبار

زن و شوهر نقل مکان به لس آنجلس بازگشت و در بهار و ساکن در تولید تایلر پری عمارت. این زن و شوهر تنها دیده شده است چند بار در اطراف شهر معمولا برای خیریه توابع...

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